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The Most Iconic Music Videos of All Time

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Music videos are just as important as the music itself. They allow artists to visually express their artistry and message to the audience. Over the years, there have been a plethora of music videos that have captured the hearts and imaginations of the public. These videos have become just as iconic and memorable as the songs themselves.

The Michael Jackson – Thriller music video is one that has stood the test of time. Directed by John Landis, this video became a phenomenon and is still recognized as one of the greatest music videos ever made. It has a length of 14 minutes and features Michael Jackson leading a pack of zombies in a dance number. The Thriller music video set the bar high for creativity, storytelling, and production quality, and it continues to influence artists today.

Madonna’s 1990 video for Vogue is also a classic. The video features Madonna and her backup dancers striking poses inspired by the Vogue magazine. The choreography and costumes are stunning, and the overall execution is captivating. Vogue was a significant cultural moment and further cemented Madonna’s status as a pop icon.

In 2001, Lady Gaga released the music video for her single, Bad Romance. The video is a visually stunning masterpiece that sees Lady Gaga experimenting with fashion, art, and dance in a way that no-one had ever seen before. The video is a celebration of avant-garde fashion, and it pushed her to the forefront of the pop scene.

Beyonce’s 2016 video, Formation, became an instant classic. It was a visual anthem of black empowerment, and it garnered a lot of attention for its bold political messages. Shot in New Orleans, the video features Beyonce and her dancers posing in front of police cars and a flooded city. The visuals are breathtakingly beautiful and powerful, making it an amazing statement about black identity.

Another iconic video is Sia’s Chandelier, directed by Daniel Askill and Sia herself. The video features young dancer Maddie Ziegler, performing a beautifully choreographed routine in an abandoned apartment. The video is simple in execution, yet stunning visually, and it captures the raw emotion of the song perfectly.

In conclusion, music videos are an essential part of the music industry. The videos above are just a few examples of what it takes to create truly iconic music videos. They are timeless classics that have transcended time. They continue to inspire artists today and are still relevant and influential to the present generation. Music videos continue to play a huge role in our lives, and they will continue to do so for years to come.

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