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How to achieve the perfect winged liner with no smudging

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Achieving the perfect winged liner can be a challenge, with one of the biggest obstacles being how to avoid smudging. No one wants to spend time perfecting their liner only for it to smudge and ruin their look. However, achieving a flawless winged liner that lasts all day is possible with the right techniques and products.

To start, it is important to prep the eye area before applying any eyeliner. This includes ensuring that the eyelids are clean and free of any oil or moisturizer that may affect the liner’s longevity. A great way to achieve this is by using an oil-free cleanser or a makeup remover that effectively removes all traces of oil and dirt.

Next, it is crucial to use the right eyeliner product. Those who struggle with smudging should opt for waterproof or long-lasting eyeliners. Gel and liquid eyeliners are often the best options as they tend to have a more matte finish and dry quickly. Eyeliners that come with a brush or felt-tip applicator are also preferred as they provide more control and precision.

When it comes to application, it is best to start with small strokes along the lash line, gradually building up the thickness of the liner. It is also important to keep the liner as close to the lash line as possible, this will help to create the illusion of fuller, thicker lashes. As for the wing, it is recommended to use a pointed Q-tip or angled brush dipped in concealer to create a defined line. This will also correct any mistakes and sharpen the wing’s edges for a flawless finish.

Another essential tip is to let the eyeliner dry completely before opening your eyes or applying mascara. This will prevent the liner from transferring or smudging. If you need to touch up any areas, use a small amount of concealer or powder to set the liner in place and prevent any smudging.

Finally, it is worth considering the overall eye makeup look. If you plan on wearing eyeshadow, apply it after the eyeliner to avoid any fallout on the liner. It is also worth using matte eyeshadows on the lid and avoiding glittery or shimmery ones as they may cause smudging or transfer.

In conclusion, achieving the perfect winged liner with no smudging is all about using the right products, techniques, and being patient. Taking the time to prep the eye area, using long-wearing eyeliner products, and letting them dry before opening your eyes is key. With a few practice runs, anyone can master the art of achieving the perfect winged liner that lasts all day.

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