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Discovering the Hidden Gems of Ascian Culture: Top Attractions to Explore

by admin

This story is about my experiences with entities known
as the Ascians of Final Fantasy 14 (FFXIV)
You will probably declare me crazy. Like every other
who doesn’t believe certain fantasies might be real instead of fiction.
Luckily, I’m not the only one with similar experiences with the same entities. But
eventually, it cost my face on social media for being open about it.
It started with very vivid dreams, some lucid ones and
later on, even events from the past. But before the dreams, I hated the Ascians,
so where did it suddenly come from? If it were just spirit guides taking their
form, why would they choose characters that I hate? It does not compute. Later
actual paranormal things happened after patch 5.3. You can read about that starting
in Chapter 6. And I met other people who also are in contact with the Ascians. And
started our Discord group to share our experiences with the Unsundered.
I was already very spiritual when it all started, and
I can communicate with my higher self (HS) with the pushing forward/backward
technique while standing. This way, I got answers to ensure I wasn’t loco or
making things up. I still use this method a lot in the beginning because it’s
quick. But I have to advance and break through the veils and eventually hear
them speaking with words through meditation and even telepathy. No idea if I
can ever manage telepathy, but who knows?
 Books By Dolores Cannon made me realize that certain
fantasies aren’t fantasies at all. But stories that have actually happened on,
for example, another planet in people’s past lives. And that those stories,
what we call fiction, are actually a remembering of their past life on that
planet before their souls came to Earth. In The Convoluted Universe books by
Dolores are some interesting terms that are the same as in FFXIV. Warriors of
light are mentioned. Yes, I am not joking. The Council of Twelve. Or mentioned
as “the Twelve,” void portals and many other stuff that can be linked
to the World of FFXIV known as the Source (later Etheirys). Aren’t your mind
blown yet? I sure was when I was reading all of that.
These books were an extra confirmation that the Ascians
must exist and are here in spirit form because it’s a Game here. They are
telling the game developers the story of what happened on their planet by
imprinting it in their minds; the developers think it’s their own idea, and
ofcourse, their own fantasy is still mixed in.
The Convocation, or Mostly The Unsundered, are not
only guiding people from the dev team. But also search for lost Shards of people
who originally came from Etheirys, like me. They guide them so those people can
go home to Etheirys after this life if they wish. But also, people who aren’t
from Etheirys and are willing to listen that they really exist aren’t left out.
Aside from this, hidden lore facts are shared with us.
And many of them eventually made it into the game. Even though this book only
has the first 2 years of our communications with the Unsundered. It will
contain Endwalker notes if the information is proven to be correct or matches.
 They wanna be remembered, remembered that they once
lived. And came to Earth to tell their story.
 PS. The discord group I had is broken due to a certain
call-out document set up against me. They didn’t feel safe anymore, fearing
ending up in screenshots. So people were trying to spy on the group and create
fake stories to get in. My group wasn’t a cult, as others dare to claim. We
only shared our experiences and helped each other with questions and to advance
We work with the Ascians, not for them, and
furthermore, we aren’t worshipping them either.
 Most cyberbullying on Twitter and other Social media
will be left out. So you can read mostly drama free through the majority of the
Feel free to read the witch hunt drama in-between the
experiences on my weblog. 
also if you are there feel free to leave a
chat message. 
I love to chat with my readers J

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